Windows Users : How to build RYO from source on Linux using WSL

Be patient, installing all these dependencies could take a few minutes. ⏳
  • First lets make sure we’re in our home directory cd ~ you can check your present working directory with pwd
  • Make a ‘code’ directory mkdir codeand change directory to it cd code
  • Run the follow command to clone ryo-currency repository and checkout the dev branch: git clone -b dev
  • Change directory cd ryo-currency
  • Check your current branch with git branch
make debug -j24
🍾 Compile complete! 🥂
./ryod --data-dir /mnt/c/ProgramData/ryo/ --log-file-level 2 --log-file ~/ryo_debug.log




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Seer 🔮, inquisitor 🧐, learner 🤓

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